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320 W11RevIn-ClassWr - MComm 320 Winter 2011 Revising...

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MComm 320 – Winter 2011 Revising Initial Writing Assessment Due Date: Monday, February 28 Points: 18 points Description: Revise the “Initial Writing Assessment” composed at the beginning of the semester/term, demonstrating new writing skills. Submit the original version, the revised version, and my comment sheet. Where specific errors were made, include an explanation of what specific rules or principles they violated. You should actually state the rule, not merely say “a comma belongs here.” You may do this in the margin of the revised version, you may use footnotes, or you may include a list at the end of the revised version. [Note: If you decide to use the tracking feature on your word processing program, it would be a good idea to submit two copies of your revised version—one with the tracking showing and one without. Why? When you use the tracking feature it reduces the size of the rest of the document and may result in a less desirable look.] If you disagree that a rule or principle was violated, you may so state. Also, if you find errors I missed, point these out clearly—
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2011 for the course MCOMM 320 taught by Professor Rockwood during the Winter '07 term at BYU.

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320 W11RevIn-ClassWr - MComm 320 Winter 2011 Revising...

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