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Name: _____________________________ Team #: _________ MComm 320 – Winter 2011 – Sec. 3 Evaluation of Your Own Team Experience (12 points) NOTES: Every team member must complete this survey—no team scores will be awarded for any team whose self-evaluations are incomplete. Please be candid. I will edit out comments that should not be passed on to team members. This is the only way I know if there were any team members who did not do his/her fair share. Although such individuals will receive the team score, they will be penalized citizenship points. The posting of citizenship points occurs after the semester is concluded. You will fill out this form online (a link will be emailed to you) by midnight, Saturday, April 2, to be considered on time. Recall that the stated objectives of this team project are to give you an opportunity to:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Work in a team setting 2. Participate in performing a survey 3. Participate in completing a graph/table 4. Create and analyze new ideas 5. Participate in writing a group report 6. Participate in a professional oral presentation including visuals Now, I would like your feedback as to: Did you feel the team tasks were evenly divided? If not, why not? Did each member of your team participate equally? If not, why not? Did one person end up writing the final written report? If so, why? Did it help to actually have one member designated as the “leader”? If so, why? If not, why not? Which part(s) of the team project did you enjoy the most? Which one(s) did you enjoy the least? Did this team experience change your feelings about team projects in any way? If so, why? Other comments: 1...
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