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211 born again 1-11 - Dear New Testament students 26...

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Dear New Testament students, 26 January 2011 The following is your assignment for your second paper on the process of being born again. The due date is February 9th, at the time of our class. Once again I would like you to email it to me as text rather than as an attachment. Send it to <[email protected]> Please type in the “subject” line of your email: Last Name (yours), first name, 211 P2 This 1 1/2 - 2 page, (500-600 words), writing assignment is to tackle the topic of spiritual rebirth. I would like you to recount your process of coming to feel the “wind” or discovering the Savior in your life. One way to phrase this assignment might be “My Born Again Process or Experience.” Now let me try to explain how I would like you to craft your paper. In John chapter 4, the Savior encounters the woman at the well. There follows a beautiful narrative of this woman coming to know Jesus through a step-by-step narrative. One way to frame your paper would be to trace your own steps in coming to know Jesus Christ through the witness of the spirit. Did your process parallel that of the Woman’s (4 distinct levels: Jew, Sir, Prophet, and Christ ) or were there differences? Have you reached that point where you can say, “Is not this the Christ?” (verse 29). A second outline might build upon the discussion in John, Chapter 3 wherein the Savior teaches Nicodemus about a more formal born again sequence. Jesus identifies three events in that encounter: ‘ Seeing the kingdom” (vs. 3), “ entering the kingdom” (vs. 5), and “ receiving the wind” (vs. 8). When did you experience or re-experience these events in your life? Ultimately, being born again or “birthed from above” (a more literal translation) is really about a rebirth, renewal, or heightened presence of the spirit in our individual lives. Generally, this same spirit will testify to us that Jesus is indeed the Christ (John 15:26). For this reason the process or event of being born again is very close, if not often synonymous, with a witness that Jesus is the Christ. I am suggesting with this assignment that both Nicodemus and the woman at the well represent frameworks for coming to know Christ. Please take an hour or so and share with me your path or experiences using one of these two as a framework for your experiences . (You must make reference to the steps of one of these two outlines in your paper for full credit .) Do not feel like I am requiring you to share things that are sacred in your personal life. While I feel honored to read of your personal experiences, I do not want you to feel pressured to divulge things that are highly sensitive or too sacred for sharing. You be the judge. Also, let me thank you in advance for what you are about to do.
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211 born again 1-11 - Dear New Testament students 26...

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