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211 Chapter_13 - 13 AThat which defiles a man@ The...

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A That which defiles a man @ The following includes Bruce R. McConkie = s commentary as it relates to this chapter of the student handbook. Jesus Heals In The Land Of Gennesaret p.251 Mark 6:53. They came into the land of Gennesaret] This region -- a rich, fertile, and productive plain -- extended southward along the western shore of the Sea of Galilee from Capernaum on the north to the region around Magdala and Tiberias. Though having set out for Capernaum, apparently because of the storm, Jesus and the apostles landed somewhat south of that city. It was while traveling northward to Capernaum that the sick and diseased from the cities, villages, and whole region of Gennesaret were brought to him to be healed. This day his grace and goodness were bounteously manifested. Truly but few of his healings and miracles find place in recorded writ. p.350 - p.351 Matt. 14:36. Touch the hem of his garment] Perhaps they had knowledge of the woman who, plagued for twelve years with an issue of blood, had been healed by touching the hem of his garment (Mark 5:25-34); perhaps they considered the garment fringe as holy because of the divine command that garments be bordered in blue so that all Israel might "look upon it, and remember all the commandments of the Lord, and do them" (Num. 15:37-41); or perhaps, overpowered in the divine presence, they sought even the slightest and least physical contact with him. But in any event, so great was their faith that all partook of his infinite goodness and were healed. p.351 John 6:22-24. On the day following the miracle of the loaves and fishes, the multitude (knowing the disciples had taken the only available boat and yet finding Jesus unaccountably absent) hailed other boats coming from Tiberias and thus made their way to Capernaum in search of him. p.351 25-26. What a contrast between those in the land of Gennesaret who believed and were healed and those who, meeting Jesus in Capernaum, sought him merely because of the loaves and fishes! One group, through faith, accepted the gospel and came into his kingdom, as we may confidently suppose; the other, thinking chiefly of their hungry bellies, were fed once with temporal food and went ever thereafter spiritually hungry. p.351 27. Metaphorical expressions of eating and drinking spiritual truths were as common among the Jews as they are today. We speak, for instance, of "devouring" a book, or of "drinking in" the words of a sermon. Everlasting life] See John 17:3. Son of man] See Matt. 16:13. p.351 Him hath God the Father sealed] Him hath God the Father marked out or authenticated as his only Son; that is, he is the One, chosen, appointed, and openly approved (by unnumbered signs and evidences) to give the spiritual meat which endureth to everlasting life, for he is the Son of that holy Man who is the Father. Jesus Discourses Upon Cleanliness
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211 Chapter_13 - 13 AThat which defiles a man@ The...

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