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211 Chapter_14 - 14 AThe transfiguration of Christ@ The...

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14 A The transfiguration of Christ @ The following includes Bruce R. McConkie = s commentary as it relates to this chapter of the student handbook. Reading the entire selection accounts for 53 pages. Jesus Teaches: Beware The Leaven Of Evil Men Matt. 16:1-4. See Matt. 12:38-42. p.378 1. Strange bedfellows these -- Sadducees and Pharisees, bitter religious enemies of each other, now uniting in an unholy alliance to fight Jesus and his doctrines. But such is ever the case with the various branches of the devil's Church. One thing always unites warring sects of religionists -- their common fear and hatred of the pure truths of salvation. Sects of modern Christendom fight each other on nearly all fronts save onion that they unite to oppose Joseph Smith and the gospel restored through his instrumentality. (Jos. Smith 2:20-23.) p.378 3. Signs of the times] Those events and wonders -- prophetically foretold and then occurring -- which identified Jesus as the Messiah. Similarly, "the signs of the times for our age or dispensation are the marvelous events -- differing in kind, extent, or magnitude from events of past times -- which identify the dispensation of the fulness of times and presage the Second Advent of our Lord." (Mormon Doctrine, pp. 645-663.) p.378 Luke 12:57. By natural inheritance, as a free gift from God, every accountable person is enlightened by "the Spirit of Jesus Christ." By hearkening to the promptings of this Spirit or light of Christ men are led to believe in Christ and accept him as the Son of God. (D. & C. 84:44-48.) Thus Jesus is here saying: `Even if you cannot read the signs of the times, yet if ye would hearken to the light of Christ, to the light of reason and conscience, ye would know that I am he who should come.' p.379 Matt. 16:5-12. Literally, leaven is a substance that produces fermentation, as for instance yeast which causes bread to rise. Figuratively, leaven is any element which, by its fermenting, spreading influence, affects groups of people so that they believe and act in particular ways. Thus to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees is to shun their false doctrines, their concept that the Messiah must prove his claim to divinity by signs, for instance. Similarly, today, the warning is to beware of the leaven of any group whose false doctrines and antichrist philosophies work to keep men from accepting the truths of the restored gospel. Jesus Restores Sight By Stages p.379 See Matt. 9:27-31. This miracle is unique; it is the only recorded instance in which Jesus healed a person by stages. It may be that our Lord followed this course to strengthen the weak but growing faith of the blind man. It would appear that the successive instances of physical contact with Jesus had the effect of adding hope, assurance, and faith to the sightless one. Jesus personally (1) led the blind man by the hand out of the town, (2) applied his own saliva to the eyes of the sightless one, (3) performed the ordinance of laying on of hands, and (4) put his
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211 Chapter_14 - 14 AThe transfiguration of Christ@ The...

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