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211 Chapter_16

211 Chapter_16 - 16 AThe two great commandments The...

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16 A The two great commandments @ The following includes Bruce R. McConkie = s commentary as it relates to this chapter of the student handbook. Elder McConkie s interpretation of the reading is a bit different than how it is covered in your student manual. Because McConkie tends to jump around a bit more than the manual, each segment of commentary is preceded by the scriptural reference. To gauge how many pages you read, each paragraph has the page number after it. Matthew 11:25-27, Luke 10:17-24 Seventies Have Power Over Devils p.465 Luke 10:17. Seventy] See Luke 10:1-11, 16. p.465 18. Satan] Satan is a spirit son of God. As such he dwelt in preexistence, was endowed with agency, disobeyed Deity's decrees, sought the privilege of being born in mortality as the Son of God, desired to dethrone God himself, was a liar from the beginning, rebelled against light and truth, and waged open war when his offer to become the Redeemer was rejected. Together with the spirits who followed him, he was cast out of heaven onto the earth where his hosts, all of whom are denied mortal bodies, seek to destroy the souls of men. (Mormon Doctrine, pp. 178-181.) p.465 19. By faith the Lord's agents have power over every worldly and evil thing. Such power is shown forth in the signs which "follow them that believe." (Mark 16:16-20.) p.465 20. Names are written in heaven] Records are kept in heaven as well as on earth, and the faithful saints who have gained the promise of eternal life have their names recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life. (Mormon Doctrine, pp. 91-92.) Father And Son Reveal Each Other p.466 Three great truths are propounded in this solemn affirmation of our Lord: p.466 (1) Spiritual realities, gospel truths, the doctrines and principles of salvation, come only by revelation; they are only known to and understood by the spiritually literate, those who so live as to attune their souls to the spirit of revelation; they are withheld from and remain unknown to the worldly wise and those who trust in the arm of flesh. p.466 (2) All things which the Father hath are committed unto the Son. See Luke 10:22. p.466 (3) The Father and the Son, perfectly united as one in the eternal Godhead, reveal and manifest each other to those prepared by righteousness to know God. And only those so qualified do or can see or know the Gods of heaven. p.466 The entire passage as found in Matthew, following as it does Jesus' upbraiding of the wicked cities of Palestine, seems misplaced. Luke's placement of it after the report of the seventies is logical and seemingly correct. The insertion found in the Inspired Version of the fact that it was made in answer to a message spoken to Jesus from heaven makes the whole
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presentation coherent and sensible. Without this addition, the passage leaves the impression that our Lord is answering a question which was never asked. p.467
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211 Chapter_16 - 16 AThe two great commandments The...

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