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211 Chapter_24 - 24 A My peace I give unto you @ The...

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Unformatted text preview: 24 A My peace I give unto you @ The following is Bruce R. McConkie = s commentary of the parallel passages covered in the above chapter of the student manual. Reading the entire selection constitutes 32 pages. "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions" p.727 John 14:1. Let not your heart be troubled] Why should the saints be in mental turmoil or be upset spiritually; why should they bow to anxiety, uncertainty, or doubt? The gospel assures the faithful of a quiet, serene peace -- a peace born of inner conviction. p.727 - p.728 Ye believe in God, believe also in me] How easy it is: all men, almost by instinct, believe in God; why then should they not believe in his Son? If there is a Father surely there is a Son also; and since belief in one is a matter of faith, how easy it is by the same means to believe in the other. Further: Knowledge of the Father and the Son comes by revelation and is heralded to the world by testimony. The same revelation manifests them both, and the same testimony bears record of each of them. It is, therefore, as easy to accept Christ as to believe in God. p.728 2. In my Father's house are many mansions] No one in mortality can ever know whether there is a heaven or a hell; whether there are degrees of glory hereafter; whether some men will be exalted to thrones of greatness, while others receive lesser rewards -- except by revelation. The heavenly heights, if such there be, and the hellish depths, if such exist, are not found in fields of scientific search; they are not in the sphere of mortality; and hence a knowledge of them can come only from God. p.728 Joseph Smith said the meaning of Jesus' statement is: "In my Father's kingdom are many kingdoms." (Teachings, p. 366.) All of the prophets have spoken of the heavenly bliss found in the highest kingdom, and have proclaimed to their fellowmen the laws and ordinances by conformity to which such a desired status might be attained. Paul taught that in the resurrection men would be placed in kingdoms whose respective glories were likened to the sun, the moon, and the varying brilliance of the stars. (1 Cor. 15:39-42.) Joseph Smith and Sydney Rigdon saw these kingdoms in vision, described the glory of each, and recorded in the revealed word the kinds of people who would go to each of them. p.728 To the celestial kingdom will go the saints of the Most High; those who have believed and obeyed the gospel law; those who have been cleansed from sin by baptism and who' thereafter have endured in righteousness to the end; those who have overcome the world and been sanctified by the Spirit. The terrestrial and telestial kingdoms and there are as many varying mansions or degrees within the telestial as there are stars in the firmament -- shall house all the rest of the saved beings of the earth. (D. & C. 76.) Truly there are many mansions....
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211 Chapter_24 - 24 A My peace I give unto you @ The...

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