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211 Chapter_27 - 27 AHe is risen!@ The following is Bruce...

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27 A He is risen! @ The following is Bruce R. McConkie = s commentary of the parallel passages covered in the above chapter of the student manual. The page numbers constitute where the text can be found in the actual book. Reading the entire selection constitutes 8 pages. Pharisees Place Guard At Jesus' Tomb p.838 62. Next day] From sunset Thursday to sunset Friday was the day of preparation for the Sabbath; "the next day that followed" was the Sabbath and it began with sunset Friday. Hence by personally arranging for the watch and sealing the tomb, the chief priests and Pharisees, according to their own tradition, suffered defilement. p.838 63. After three days I will rise again] Jesus' doctrines and claims were known to the people. He had spoken openly of his resurrection after three days (Matt. 12:40 John 2:19), and had also announced the doctrine to his disciples (Matt. 16:21; 17:22-23; 20:18-19), from whom it would have been taught to others. Two Angels Open Jesus' Tomb p.839 I. V. Matt. 28:2. Angels of the Lord] Angels are ministers of Christ. They might be resurrected personages, as was Moroni when he came to Joseph Smith (Jos. Smith 2:30-47); or translated beings, as were Moses and Elijah when they appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration to confer keys of the priesthood upon Peter, James, and John (Matt. 17:1-13); or "the spirits of just men made perfect, they who are not resurrected, but inherit the same glory" (D. & C. 129:3); or spirits from pre-existence, as in the case of the angel who visited Adam in a day when no one had as yet died, been translated, or resurrected. (Moses 5:6-8.) p.839 The work of angels is to represent the Lord and do his bidding in the realms of spirits and of immortal souls, even as the Lord's mortal ministers are called to act for Deity in their sphere. p.839 - p.840 3. Their countenance was like lightning, and their raiment white as snow] The most detailed scriptural description of an angelic ministrant is that given of Moroni by Joseph Smith: "A personage appeared at my bedside," he said, "standing in the air, for his feet did not touch the floor. He had on a loose robe of most exquisite whiteness. It was a whiteness beyond anything earthly I had ever seen; nor do I believe that any earthly thing could be made to appear so exceedingly white and brilliant. His hands were naked, and his arms also, a little above the wrist; so, also were his feet naked, as were his legs, a little above the ankles. His head and neck were
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211 Chapter_27 - 27 AHe is risen!@ The following is Bruce...

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