211 Intro 211. Winter 2011_1

211 Intro 211. Winter 2011_1 - RELIGION 211 Professor Keith...

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RELIGION 211 NEW TESTAMENT Winter Semester 2011 Professor: Keith Wilson, Ph.D 270J JSB, 422-6253. Office Hours: M -Th. 2-3 pm or call anytime e-mail < [email protected]> Please note that this class uses email and Blackboard regularly. Student Manual (SM) : The Life and Teachings of Jesus and His Apostles (CES orange manual on BKST pallets). This manual is absolutely essential because it outlines the NT scripture reading assignment which is due each time you come to class . Available online at: < http://institute.lds.org/manuals/new-testament-institute-student-manual/index.asp> Date SM Chapters Lesson Titles from the Student Manual Jan 5 Intro. Introduction (first paper assigned) 10 1 I Am The Way/ Background and setting of Israel 12 2 The Promised Messiah (first paper due) 19 3 The Son of the Eternal Father 24 4 Behold the Lamb of God 26 5 Ye Must Be Born Again (second paper assigned) 31 6 This Is He Whom It Is Written (MOA assignment given) Feb 2 7 The Calling of the Twelve 7 8 Be Ye Therefore Perfect 9 8b Sermon On The Mount --Part B (second paper due) 14 9 * Whosoever Shall Do The Will Of the Father ( Commentary #1 due) 16 10 He Spake Many Things Unto Them In Parables Test #1 begins. .. ends? 22(Tues) 11 He that Receiveth Whomsoever I Send Receiveth Me 23 12 I Am the Bread of Life 28 13 That Which Defiles a Man Mar 2 14 The Transfiguration of Christ 7 15 I Am the Light of the World 9 16 The Two Great Commandments (third paper assigned) (17) no lecture (Where Much is Given:Much is Required) 14 18 *Rejoice w/ Me; For I have Found… (Commentary #2 due) 16 19 What Lack I Yet? Test #2 begins…ends? 21 20 The Triumphal Entry 23 21 Wo Unto You Hypocrites 28 22 What Shall Be the Sign of Thy Coming? (third paper due) 30 23 As I Have Loved You Apr 4 24 My Peace I Give Unto You 6 25 Not My Will, But Thine Be Done 11 26 *I Find No Fault in This Man ( 4th paper assigned ) (Com. #3 due) 13 27 He Is Risen (fourth paper due) FINAL EXAM : Testing Center (WSC) Apr 16, 18-21 WSC 3220 *Commentary Reading Assignment due: 20 pages in either Doctrinal New Testament Commentary or Jesus the Christ (you must read from both commentaries by the end of the semester) Parallel New Testament sections: 211 Sec 004 Mon/Wed at 9 am in room 323 MARB 211 Sec 010 Mon/Wed at 10 am in room 323 MARB
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211 Sec 014 Mon/Wed at 12 pm in room 202 JSB 211 Sec 017 Mon/Wed at 1 pm in room 202 JSB Grades will be tabulated on Blackboard and based on: 30-40 points 6-8 quizzes. These quizzes will be given the first 5-7 minutes of class. No make-up quizzes except for preapproved absences which must be made up within 7 days. So be on time and attend regularly. Material for quizzes will be taken from 2 sources: 1. Information from the previous class lecture. 2.
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211 Intro 211. Winter 2011_1 - RELIGION 211 Professor Keith...

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