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211 MoA assignment 2-11

211 MoA assignment 2-11 - reread the John 5 account the...

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Dear NT Students, 4 February, 2011 This email will describe briefly the Museum assignment that I mentioned in class. I would like you to find your way over to the BYU Museum of Art (MoA) during the next three weeks and view the painting, “Christ Healing the Paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda” by Carl Bloch. It is in the Carl Block exhibit on the main floor and you will need to get tickets in order to go in. The website you can go to is http://www.byuarts.com/bloch/signup.php . Please look it up on the museum homepage to make sure your time is open. It is open Monday-Saturday, 10am to 9pm. Either take your own scriptures or use the printed text that they have there on display and
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Unformatted text preview: reread the John 5 account, the first ten verses. Just take about 10 minutes there and enjoy the display and the ambiance. Then send me an email explaining that you did it with last name first, then first name, followed by MoA. The assignment will be worth just two points and is due on Monday 28, February at the time of class. Some of you will want to view the other paintings there on display. Many of them will depict scenes that we will be discussing this semester. These pictures will also be well worth your time. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I have. I think the display is rather powerful. My Best, Br. Wilson...
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