211 study guide 10-18 3-11

211 study guide 10-18 3-11 - 1Dear NT Students, 3/18/11 The...

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1Dear NT Students, 3/18/11 The midterm is now in the Testing Center. It will run from Monday noon on March 21 st through Monday, March 28 th . Then Tuesday, March 29 th will be the late day for all of you who are well endowed or love to support philanthropy. The Testing Center hours are M: 10 AM-9PM; T-F: 8 AM-9 PM; and Sat: 10 AM- 3 PM. The closing time ( listed here) is the last time they will admit you and give you a test. The test is 35 questions and should take you about 25 minutes. Here is the study guide with some questions placed in parentheses. These are questions which we did not adequately cover in class or the lecture notes and I have omitted them from the test. (They should still be interesting to consider for inquisitive minds.) I hope this will help to shorten your study time and your stress. Also, I should probably mention the protocol for the study guide. This guide is not an escape for personal work and should not be subdivided so that you only have to actually answer 4-5 questions and then share them with others. I am also hesitant to just answer these questions for those of you who are just looking for me to do your homework. If you meet with 3-4 classmates and cannot find an answer for a particular question , then feel free to ask me. I will be glad to coach you if you have paid the price. However, I feel like my time is being wasted if you have missed class or not taken notes and then want me to fill out your study guide for you. I hope you can understand my dilemma. Your success is very important to me. But, you too must be willing to do your part. Best wishes, Br. Wilson Study Guide for Chapters 10-18 Lesson #10 1. Know some of the differences between the raising of Jairus’ daughter and the widow of Nain’s son? Why does Jesus instruct them not to tell anyone after raising the daughter? 2. Know President Faust’s statement about Satan in the latter-days. 3. Know President Hinckley’s statement about the significance of the legion of devils. 4. (Understand three possible reasons for Jesus’ destruction of the swine.) 5. What are the reasons for the parables. 6. Know the significance of the groups in the seed and sower parable-- especially for Church See Mt 13:7-8 but also 22-23 7. Why was the “pearl” of great price so rare? 8.
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211 study guide 10-18 3-11 - 1Dear NT Students, 3/18/11 The...

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