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211 value.of.NT 1-11 - Dear New Testament Students 5...

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Dear New Testament Students, 5 January 2011 Your first writing assignment is a 1 1/2-page essay (approximately 500 words) on the topic of "My feelings and use of the New Testament." It will be due on Wednesday, January 12, at the beginning of class. I would like you to email this paper to me at < [email protected]> I t is very important to list your name (last name first) in the subject box, followed by 211 P 1(meaning the first paper) and send the paper as text rather than as attachment . Should you overlook this it will be returned to you ungraded. What I would like you to do is to examine the role that the New Testament plays in our faith both doctrinally and practically . Some examples of the official position might be Article of Faith #8, Ezekiel 37:15-17, 2 Nephi 3:12, and Mormon 7:8-9. On the practical side you might want to discuss how the General Authorities use the New Testament in their talks and writings and also how local leaders use it. Furthermore, you might also discuss whether or not we neglect this scripture with our emphasis on restoration scriptures. Finally and most importantly, tell me about your personal disposition and experience with the New Testament. How do you feel about it doctrinally and how has it impacted your life spiritually? Do you love it for its unique nature and depth or do you neglect it because your non-LDS friends used it against you or you find the language awkward, etc. This sounds like a great assignment to me. (I know I'm weird.) I look forward to reading your thoughts. Br. Wilson P.S. I am including some additional quotes and articles for your perusal. The first quotes are from President Hinckley and deserve our attention. Also I have posted some other quotes from other prophets and Apostles along with some relevant comments from Elder Bateman. I trust they will help your thoughts to flow as you begin to formulate your paper. The final pieces are from Elder Maxwell, Elder Ballard, and Elder Oaks. They are rather lengthy articles and are not mandatory readings. (You might want to notice the bolded statements.) The main point of the Maxwell and Ballard articles is deepening our appreciation of the NT and with the Oaks piece his main point hits the issue of why the Book of Mormon is important to us individually. Elder Oaks speaks indirectly to issue of reading the Book of Mormon daily as we study intensively the New Testament and why we were counseled to read the BoM in the first place. I think it helps us with the dilemma of what to study with our obvious time restraints. Prophetic Statements About the Bible “We are sometimes told that we are not a biblical church. We are a biblical church. This wonderful testament of the Old World, this great and good Holy Bible is one of our standard works. We teach from it. We bear testimony of it. We read from it. It
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strengthens our testimony. And we add to that this great second witness, the Book of Mormon, the testament of the New World, for as the Bible says, “In the mouths of two or
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211 value.of.NT 1-11 - Dear New Testament Students 5...

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