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130 Depression - you have Fight against it and drive it out...

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Depression not of God George Q. Cannon (Deseret Weekly, January 14, 1897, 48:351) A Do not allow darkness and gloom to enter into your hearts. I want to give you a rule by which you may know that the spirit which you have is the right spirit. The Spirit of God produces cheerfulness, joy, light and good feelings. Whenever you feel gloomy and despondent and are downcast, unless it be for your sins, you may know it is not the Spirit of God which
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Unformatted text preview: you have. Fight against it and drive it out of your heart. The Spirit of God is a spirit of hope; it is not a spirit of gloom. @ (Deseret Weekly, October 6, 1895, 51:644 B Also Gospel Truth, page 144) A There is nothing on earth, nothing that man can taste or experience that is so sweet, so happifying, so full of delight, as the presence of the Spirit of God. It fills the soul with joy that is inexpressible. @...
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