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130 missionaccomplish - What= s a Mission Supposed to...

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= s a Mission Supposed to Accomplish? 1. Teach me that I can persevere and finish a task that can be long and unpleasant. 2. See what a change the gospel can make in peoples = lives. 3. Give experience in getting along with people who are totally different from me. 4. Experience some spiritual highs. 5. Experience bitter, dismal lows. 6. Learn to communicate beliefs and feelings that you know will be challenged. 7. See people with nothing (world wise) give their all to help others. 8. Learn to follow leaders who are less than perfect. 9. Learn to follow rules you may not agree with. 10. Learn to follow a regimented schedule. 11. Learn to really pray for help and answers. 12. Learn to be more sensitive to the prompting of the Spirit. 13. Learn to read the scriptures and understand them better. 14. Learn to seek counsel when confronted with a problem you can = t solve. 15. Learn to tolerate childish behavior while the individuals are growing up. 16. Learn that people can change over time. 17. Learning never to give up. 18. Learning to look to living prophets for timely counsel. 19. Learning that just maybe you could be wrong. 20. Learning that there is more than one way of looking at almost any issue. 21. Learning that not all tasks are fun. 22. Learning that you may not always see the value of an experience while you are going through it. 23. Learning to smile and be pleasant even when you don = t feel very good. 24. Learning to put others needs before your own. 25. Learning to take life just one day C one hour or minute at a time. 26. Learning that you will do what the Lord asks even when you don = t see the value of it. 27. Learning to take criticism and persecution. 28. Learning from the mistakes others make. 29. Learning to enjoy the spiritual highs and endure the depressing lows. 30. Learning that life isn = t just one spiritual experience after another. 31. Learn that separation from parents and loved ones can be difficult. 32. Learn that although you miss out on a lot at home, you experience things you wouldn = t have experienced if you had stayed home. 33. Give you experiences that the Lord knows you will need in order to be exalted. 34. Learn that even mission presidents (and other church leaders) are human and learning to. 35. Learning not to judge others. 36. Learn what it is like to be a minority (ethnically, religiously, etc.). 37. Learn that you have talents that may be different from others. 38. Learn that what works for others may not work for you. 39. Learn that there are people you can influence that others can = t touch. 40. Learn that others have talents you don = t and can reach others you can = t. 41. Learn that no one has an exclusive edge on talents or spiritual gifts. 42. Learn that the Lord doesn
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130 missionaccomplish - What= s a Mission Supposed to...

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