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130 presentdaysalvation

130 presentdaysalvation - Present Day Salvation Brigham...

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Present Day Salvation Brigham Young Journal of Discourses 8:124 If a person with an honest heart, a broken, contrite, and pure spirit, in all fervency and honesty of soul, presents himself and says he wishes to be baptized for the remission of his sins, and the ordinance is administered by one having authority, is that man saved? Yes, to that period of time. Should the Lord see proper to take him then from the earth, the man has believed and been baptized, and is a fit subject for heaven--a candidate for the kingdom of God in the Celestial world, because he has repented and done all that was required of him to that hour. But after he is baptized and hands have been laid upon him for the reception of the Holy Ghost, suppose that on the next day he is commanded to go forth and preach the Gospel or to teach his family, or to assist in building up the kingdom of God, or to take all his substance and give it for the sustenance of the poor, and he says, A I will not to it @
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