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130 Sample Thought Paper 1

130 Sample Thought Paper 1 - Janae Stubbs Thought Paper#1 I...

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Janae Stubbs Thought Paper #1 I hope you’re excited to read this sample thought paper! Please notice how I didn’t give my paper a title or anything, because even though a title is fun the TA’s know what my paper should be about. Some people try to use a title to take up space which is dishonest, and I speak from experience when I say that it’s frustrating to take points off because you think the student is trying to pull something over on you. I have decided to make the format really strict so that you know exactly how to get full credit, so don’t do a title. My margins are at one inch exactly. I’m also not putting extra line breaks in between my paragraphs. This is, after all, the standard way to write a paper for any of your classes. The syllabus pretty much covers the rest of the requirements; I just wanted you to be able to see how the name should look in the upper right-hand corner. Now I’ll go ahead and finish the paper as if I was writing it for class so that you can see an appropriate length. This will be an
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