24 Exam 1--Instructions

24 Exam 1--Instructions - CoverSheet TriTermExam#1...

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Cover Sheet Tri-Term Exam #1 ENGL 293-002: American Literary History, Winter 2011 Due by 3 PM on Friday, 11 February (place exam in box outside my office, 4153 JFSB)  Write your name:  ______________________________________ General Instructions Students are on their honor to complete the exam within two hours (120 minutes) of  looking at any page beyond this cover page. Once the cover page has been turned, the “clock” has started and may not be put on  “pause.” No books, notes, internet resources, or other aids may be consulted while taking the  exam.  Students should type and print their exams. Suggestion: Open your word processing program before looking at any page beyond the  cover sheet. Once the exam is printed, staple your document to the back of the exam packet and place  it in the box outside my office (4153 JFSB). Exams should be placed in the box outside my office before 3:00 PM on Friday, 11  February. Exams may be submitted late for a deduction of 20%. Again, the exam packet must be returned with your exam, and you may not make any copy  of the packet while it is in your possession. After completing your exam during the time allotted, print it. And on the final page, use a pen to write the following phrase: “On my honor as a student at Brigham Young University, I have been honest in completing this exam.”
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Below, you’ll find the section headings and instructions that will appear on the exams. Read and study the exam format now so you won’t have to
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24 Exam 1--Instructions - CoverSheet TriTermExam#1...

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