19 Historical context assignment

19 Historical context assignment - R EADING L ARGE ♦ E...

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Unformatted text preview: R EADING L ARGE ♦ E NGLISH 292 ♦ H ORROCKS D UE : Monday, March 14 F ORMAT : 4-5 pages, single spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, MLA format, justified left only P OINTS P OSSIBLE : 150 (-5 per citation if not in MLA format!) A SSIGNMENT : In your first writing assignment in 292, you wrote a formal analysis that turned inward, looking closely at the text of one poem. For this second assignment, you’re going to turn your attention outward from a text, examining the historical and cultural context in which it was created. This assignment will help you accomplish one of the departmental learning objectives for this course, “thinking and writing about later British literary texts in their historical and cultural contexts.” The research skills and literary resources that you discover in the course of completing this assignment will also help prepare you for the kinds of assignments you’ll be asked to complete in upper-division literature courses. So here’s the task: rather than doing research about a text and then writing a formal essay based on your research, I’d like you to compose a research bibliography about a text. Here’s how: Step One : Choose a text from the Victorian section of our syllabus, preferably something we’ve discussed in class. 1 Step Two : Consult the Dictionary of Literary Biography for background information about the author. (Available in hard copy in the library or online as part of the Literature Resource Center.) Take notes....
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19 Historical context assignment - R EADING L ARGE ♦ E...

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