19 Syllabus Winter 2011

19 Syllabus Winter 2011 - ENGLISH 292: BRITISH LITERARY...

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E NGLISH 292: B RITISH L ITERARY H ISTORY II JKB 2002 W INTER 2011 P ROF . J AMIE H ORROCKS I NSTRUCTOR INFORMATION Office: 4169 JFSB Phone: 422-8788 E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: MW 4-5pm (or by appt) R EQUIRED T EXTS Norton Anthology of English Literature , 8th ed., vols. D, E, F (Norton, 2006) Jane Austen, Persuasion (Oxford, 2008) Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol (Dover Thrift, 1991) Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway (Harcourt, 2003) C OURSE D ESCRIPTION English 292 is a survey of British literature of the Romantic (ca. 1789-1832), Victorian (ca. 1832-1900), and modern and postmodern ages (ca. 1900-present). All sections of the course have three main learning objectives: 1) Develop an understanding of British literary history from the Romantic period through contemporary literature by studying key figures, movements, genres, events, themes, and ideas (as outlined below). 2) Continue to develop the skills that will be required in upper-division English courses by reading, analyzing, and writing about representative literary texts. 3) Further develop the ability to be “active and discriminating readers and learners [. ..] and to regard literature as a source of knowledge and aesthetic pleasure, a mode of encountering and evaluating diverse minds and attitudes, a vehicle for art and action, a means of historical understanding, and a source of spiritual insight” (from Department Objective #4). P OINT B REAKDOWN (1000 points total) Reading (250 points total). Since the vast majority of your preparation time for this course will be spent reading, it seems only reasonable that reading factors significantly into your final grade. I will have you report your reading at the beginning of every class period. Most days I will simply circulate a roll and ask you to indicate how many points you deserve for the day’s assignment. Occasionally, however, I will begin class with a short reading quiz. If you miss a day of class but want to receive points for reading, you will need to (a) let me know in advance that you are going to be missing class; (b) finish the reading assignment prior to the class period; and (c) write a one-page (single-spaced) response to the reading assignment. Make- up response papers are due the day you return from your absence. 1
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Papers (300 points total). You will write three essays for this class. Essay #1 (2-3 pages, 50 points) will be due on Friday, Feb. 4. Essay #2 (5-6 pages, 150 points) will be due on Friday, Mar. 4. Essay #3 (3-5 pages, 100 points) will be due on Monday, Apr. 4. More information about each of these essays will be distributed in class. Papers not submitted in class on the due date will be lowered one-third of a letter for each day they are late (so that a B paper turned in two days late would become a C+ paper). Exams (450 points total). There will be two midterm exams (125 points each) covering Units 1
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19 Syllabus Winter 2011 - ENGLISH 292: BRITISH LITERARY...

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