122 324 Master - Course Objectives and Requirements

122 324 Master - Course Objectives and Requirements -...

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Jerry M. Perkins DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS Office - 210-H JSB office 422-2172 home 226-6365 COURSE OBJECTIVES AND REQUIREMENTS email address - [email protected] PHILOSOPHY OF THE COURSE: My goal is to sincerely welcome you to the study of this wonderful book of scripture, the Doctrine and Covenants and do my very best to help you learn the magnificent principles of the gospel taught by the Lord to the Saints in the Latter-days. To learn these principles, we will do the following: 1. Before each class period, you are asked to intensely study the Doctrine and Covenants sections that are assigned for that class period and the Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual for those sections assigned, underlining key verses, making comments in the margins, referring to cross references, pondering, using the student manual to augment your learning, and asking God to help you understand what you are reading and how it applies in your life. 2. As you are studying, you are asked to keep a journal of your discoveries, questions, thoughts, and perhaps even inspiration given to you while you’re studying. This journal is designed to help you synthesize, summarize, and organize your thinking and learning regarding the sections studied, so that you can make the principles of the Doctrine and Covenants a key part of your life and your eternal progression. The greatest learning in this class will occur when you, along with the Holy Ghost, ponder the Doctrine and Covenants during your personal study sessions. 3. You are asked to faithfully attend class, each day, not because of the teacher or the grade, but because this class can become a marvelous forum for you to ponder, with your peers, the powerful scriptures that you just studied. In class, you will be asked to think, share, teach, respond, wonder and then listen to your colleagues doing the same thing. We are seeking to establish a wonderful forum of mutual teaching and learning that can make the principles of the Doctrine and Covenants come alive. 4. You will be asked to take opened-scripture tests (closed everything else), which are designed to be a study session which will help you synthesize all your leaning into a composite whole. The test questions will act as a springboard for you to intensely review what you have learned in the Doctrine & Covenant sections you studied for that specific test. 5. Since the tests are opened-scripture, all your notes in the scriptures, written in class or in your personal study sessions, will be available to help you in taking the test. This then rewards you for making intensive comments in your scriptures, and these comments can be of great use to you at a later time when you are serving in a calling, being a parent, teaching a friend, or seeking an answer to a personal problem or question. Our goal is to have your study of the Doctrine and Covenants benefit you for years to come. TEXTS:
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122 324 Master - Course Objectives and Requirements -...

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