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122 324_study_guide - STUDY GUIDE D&C 324 Introduction 1...

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STUDY GUIDE D&C 324 Introduction 1. Study the handout “Doctrine and Covenants Course Objectives and Requirements and review the philosophy of the class, the class objectives and how to achieve course objectives.? 2. Elder Neal A. Maxwell’s article “The Doctrine and Covenants - The Voice of the Lord”. 3. “Feast Upon the Words of Christ” by Jerry Perkins 4. “Compilation of the Doctrine and Covenants” by Larry E. Dahl 5. President Joseph Fielding Smith’s statement from your Student Manual “D&C: Scripture for the Latter Days”. 6. Study “From Revelation to Publication: How the Saints Got the Doctrine and Covenants” from your student manual D&C 71; 73 1. The history of D&C 71: names, situation, Lord’s promises, results. What was our decision regarding what the commandments and revelations that were to come mentioned in verse 4.? 2. D&C 71:1, 5, 6; D&C 42:61, 65. Mysteries. Portion of the Spirit. How to increase portion of the Spirit 3. General Authority statements on the power of studying the scriptures. What the scriptures say about studying the scriptures. See handout “Feast Upon the Words of Christ”. 4. The interrelationship between scripture and revelation. Elder Ezra Taft Benson and Elder Dallin Oaks comments regarding this. 3 Nephi 26 5. D&C 73 Joseph and Sydney’s main responsibility. Expedient vs practicable. Why was this their main responsibility? Footnote 73:3 b study it carefully. What were the great things that were to come? 1 Nephi 13:25-29 6. Why did the Lord immerse Joseph Smith in the scriptures at the outset of his prophetic administration? 74; 76:1-24 1. D&C 76:1-4 The nature of Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith’s comments in the King Follett discourse regarding man’s understanding of the character of God and man’s relationship with God 2. Know D&C 76:5 review our discussions. Come to conclusions. 3. D&C 76:6-10. How much will Jesus reveal? 76:114-119. What was Joseph’s statement regarding what the Lord had revealed to him and Sydney and what they could reveal to us if we were prepared? 4. According to the D&C 76:1-19, 114-118 how did Joseph and Sydney prepare to receive revelation? 5. What were Joseph and Sydney allowed to see according to 76:14, 20. 6. Study diligently 76:22-24. By, through and of. 7. How does Joseph Smith compare to Moses Enoch, Abraham when considering D&C 76:12-14? 8. Define the resurrection of the just and the resurrection of the unjust. 9. What does the 76 th section have to do with D&C 71:1, 5, 6? What does John 5:29 have to do with D&C 76? 10. Read the entire student manual for D&C 74 and understand it. D&C 74 is an example of revelation coming as a result of study of the scripture. D&C 76:25-119 1. The history of the 76 th section. The manner the 76 th section was given. The main [written] eyewitness. Read your student manual - historical background.
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