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333 121_Final Exam Study Guide - Final Exam Study Guide...

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Final Exam Study Guide Mosiah 1-Alma 29 Mosiah 1: Know the new name that King Benjamin said he would give his people Mosiah 2: Understand why we are always indebted to the Lord Mosiah 3: Know why the Lord God appointed the law of Moses to his people. Mosiah 4: Understand how King Benjamin's subjects knew they were forgiven of their sins. Mosiah 5: Be able to recall what the Spirit of the Lord Omnipotent had done for the people. Mosiah 6: Remember how many people (or which groups of people) had entered into the covenant. Mosiah 7: Know the cause of the Nephite bondage (according to Limhi). Mosiah 8: Know how Ammon responsed to the comment that “a seer is greater than a prophet”. Know who the seer was that Ammon said could translate the 24 gold plates. Mosiah 19: Understand why Gideon spared the life of King Noah, and what King Noah’s real concern was. Mosiah 20: Know why the Lamanites came up against the Nephites in spite of their oath. Mosiah 21: Understand why King Limhi and his people were not baptized. Mosiah 22: Know what the people of Limhi did to try to deliver themselves from bondage that did not work. Also be familiar with Gideon's plan of escape, which worked. Mosiah 23: Understand why Alma refused to be king. Mosiah 24: Know who caused Alma and his people to be put into bondage. Be able to recall the result of the people of Alma's faith and patience, and ultimately how were they delivered. Mosiah 9: Understand King Laman’s true motives in yielding up the lands of Lehi-Nephi and Shilom. Mosiah 10:
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333 121_Final Exam Study Guide - Final Exam Study Guide...

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