333 Study Questions_2 Nephi 17-24

333 Study Questions_2 Nephi 17-24 - – History 1:33, 40)...

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Study Questions: 2 Nephi 17-24 1. What sign did Isaiah say the Lord would give Ahaz? (2 Nephi 17:14) 2. To what does Isaiah say the people should turn to find truth? (2 Nephi 18:20) 3. What names would the child prophesied of by Isaiah be called? (2 Nephi 19:6) 4. What should latter-day people learn from chapter 20? 5. Why is 2 Nephi 21 (Isaiah Chapter 11) important to Latter-day Saints? (see Joseph Smith
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Unformatted text preview: – History 1:33, 40) 6. Identify the following in 2 Nephi 21 from D&C 113:1-6 a. The stem of Jesse b. The root of Jesse 7. What will the Lord do a second time? What time period? 8. What should latter day people learn from chapter 23? 9. Who is the subject of chapter 24? Who is this individual a ‘type’ of?...
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