555 Evaluation and Revision

555 Evaluation and Revision - paper’s topic or is it...

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Name ______________________________ Evaluation and Revision 1) What is the main argument in this piece? Identify the claim, reasons, and major  assumptions. 2) Is the “argument” an arguable claim, or is it merely a statement of fact? Why or why not? 3) Are the assumptions acceptable to the audience? Why or why not? 4) What is the rhetorical situation? Name the main characteristics of the writer and readers,  and examine how effectively this piece demonstrates an awareness of the situation. 5) Identify two appeals using ethos, two using pathos, and two using logos. 6) Does the introduction grab the readers’ attention? Why or why not? Does it set up the 
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Unformatted text preview: paper’s topic, or is it irrelevant and distracting? 7) Does the conclusion contain a new insight? Does it provide a strong finish? 8) Is the body of the paper organized? Are there transitions between each paragraph? 9) Is the voice (style) appropriate for the rhetorical situation? Is there a strong voice? 10) Are the sentence lengths varied? Do they include vague or wordy constructions? 13) Are there any grammatical errors? Does the format follow MLA style conventions?...
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555 Evaluation and Revision - paper’s topic or is it...

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