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Frameset Overview The Blackboard Academic Suite environment includes a header frame with images and buttons customized by the institution and tabs that navigate to different areas within Blackboard Academic Suite. Clicking on a tab will open that area in the content frame. Web pages containing specific content, features, functions, and tools are accessed from the tab areas. Header Frame The Header Frame contains a customizable institution image and navigation buttons that allow the user to access the institution home page, access Blackboard Academic Suite help, and logout of Blackboard Academic Suite. It also contains tabs that navigate to different areas within Blackboard Academic Suite.
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Unformatted text preview: Content Frame The Content Frame always contains one of the following pages: Tab area: The area that appears in the content frame when a tab is clicked. Tab areas hold broad information and allow the user to access Web pages containing specific content and features. Web page: A Web page appears in the content frame when accessed through one of the navigational tools described below. Web pages contain specific content or features and originate from tab areas. Help Detailed help documentation explaining this frameset may be found at http:[email protected]@[email protected]@ ....
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