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PS100 Questions from Chapter 30 Comprehension true/false When two continents collide, the denser continent is subducted. true false Faults, like the San Andreas, form when two continents diverge. true false Island arcs colliding together form into continents overtime. true false Analysis Convergent plate boundaries do not involve subduction zones. mountain-building events. creation of new oceanic lithosphere creation of linear island chains. Among the following choices, an earthquake would least likely occur in a young fold mountain belt. in a continental shield. at a transform fault. along the ocean ridge system.
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The least amount of plate tectonic activity would be found in which of these locations? The California coastline area The Canadian shield Iceland Japan How does a study of earthquakes and seismic waves provide evidence in favor of the plate tectonic
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Unformatted text preview: theory? The pattern of earthquake activity corresponds to plate boundaries. Wave velocities are related to plate motion. Seismic studies have determined the boundary between the mantle and the core. Seismic waves power continental drift. Earthquakes are regarded as the energy source for tectonic plate motion. • A converging plate margin bisects the Mediterranean Sea. What will be the probable outcome of this situation? The Mediterranean will shrink. A mid-ocean ridge will soon begin to emerge within this area. The water body will grow longer as a result of shear transform faulting. The water body will grow wider. A rift valley will appear in the middle of the Mediterranean. Check Answers Choose a different chapter....
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q showQuestions-28.php - theory The pattern of earthquake...

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