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Worksheet #1 on Packet and Course policies Date:_______ Name (print)____________________ NetID _______________ Section______ TA ___________ Objectives: In order to succeed in a class, you need to know what work is expected of you. This assignment is designed to familiarize you with the course packet and policies. Instructions: Jot down notes in the appropriate place as the TA goes over class policies with you. 1. What material do you need to buy in the bookstore? 2. How are grades in PS100 determined? What happens if a student doesn’t take the final exam? 3. How many points are possible? How many are needed to pass? How many are needed to get an A? 4. What are “clickers?” What do students have to do to register a “clicker” on the course web site, http://ps100.byu.edu , in order to receive credit for in class quizzes? 5. How do “clickers” work?
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Unformatted text preview: Who’s responsibility is it to make sure the clicker is working 6. What is the policy on missed quizzes and broken, lost, or forgotten clickers? 7. When is homework due for my class? 8. What is the policy on late homework and make-up work? 9. What is the policy on homework turned in without proper identification or to the wrong person? 10. If a student doesn’t complete their homework during lab or misses lab, what should they do? 11. Where can you pick up unclaimed homework? 12. What are vocabulary quizzes and when are they due? 13. Does your class do warm-up quizzes? If so where, when, and how do you take them? 14. Where, when, and how do you take tests? 15. How do you go over a test? What deadlines are there for reviewing exams? 16. How do students keep track of their grade in the course?...
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