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q worksheet2 - PS 100 Worksheet#2 Chapter 4 Name(print...

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PS 100 Worksheet #2 Chapter 4 Date__________ Name (print)______________________________ NetID _______________ Name (print)______________________________ NetID _______________ Section______ TA ___________ Name (print)______________________________ NetID _______________ Name (print)______________________________ NetID _______________ Title: Electric charge Objectives: Students will observe the behavior of charged objects. They will charge an electroscope both by direct contact and by induction. Instructions: You should have an electroscope (the pop can with foil leaves hanging from the tab), an acrylic tube, a piece of PVC, a piece of wool, a piece of vinyl. Make predictions where indicated, then conduct the following activities and record your observations and explanations. PVC and wool rubbed together leaves a negative charge on the PVC. Vinyl and acrylic rubbed together leaves a positive charge on the acrylic. 1.
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