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PS 100 worksheet #3 Chapter 5 Date__________ Name (print)______________________________ NetID _______________ Name (print)______________________________ NetID _______________ Section______ TA ___________ Name (print)______________________________ NetID _______________ Name (print)______________________________ NetID _______________ Title: Weight and Contact Force Objectives: To learn the difference between velocity, net force, and acceleration and to observe the difference between net force, contact force and weight when a person is standing on a scale in an elevator. Instructions: Take the scale to the passenger elevator in the ESC or SWKT and stand on it. (Sometimes scales are already in the elevator.) Record the contact force observed, deduce the weight by reasoning, and describe what you know about the direction of the acceleration in the following situations. Do the entire activity when the elevator is either moving up or down for multiple floors. Do not try and mix data taken up and down in your analysis. Hint: What
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