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q worksheet6 - electroscope was discharged Does this match...

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PS 100 Experiment 6, Chapter 11 Date__________ Name (print)____________________ NetID _______________ Section______TA ___________ Title: Photoelectric effect Objectives: Students will observe and describe the photoelectric effect. Instructions: Watch the video clip demonstrating the photoelectric effect. http://ps100.byu.edu/homework/14photo.mov 1. When the electroscope is charged with the rubber rod and exposed to visible light, what happens? 2. What happens when it is exposed to ultra-violet light? 3. If light were behaving strictly as a wave, what characteristic of light should determine whether or not the
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Unformatted text preview: electroscope was discharged? Does this match your observations? 4. How do the results of the photoelectric effect experiment support the particle nature of light? 5. If the experiment is repeated when the electroscope is positively charged, what do you predict would happen? Why? I personally participated in the activity and wrote the response in my own words: Signature:____________________...
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