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Soc 111—Introductory Sociology Chris Owens Lauren Moran Liz Child Ehrenreich Assignment The reading for this assignment is Chapter 1 from Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. 1. What differences does Ehrenreich draw between her life as a writer and the job at Hearthside? What implications do the differences in these jobs have for the people who occupy them? Ehrenreich says the difference between the two jobs is competence. In her writing career there was procedure, but in the job at Hearthside there was none. Ehrenreich states, “In my writing life, I at least have some sense of procedure…as a server, though, I am beset by requests as if by bees.” This implies that the people who work at places like Hearthside don’t have competence or expertise, while those who write do. At Hearthside, Ehrenreich is no longer able to work at her leisure or pace, rather the clock recording her hours. 2. How do workers at Hearthside (and presumably all people in similar circumstances) express their autonomy? How does this differ from ways you express your autonomy? Workers at Hearthside express their autonomy by the way they treat their
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Socio_Assignment_ - Soc 111Introductory Sociology Chris...

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