OpEd_Writing_Reflection - 4) What might you do differently...

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Name __________________________ Opinion Editorial Writing Reflection 1) How did you choose your topic for the opinion editorial? Did you use a particular  prewriting method, or did a topic just come to you? Was it difficult to choose a topic?  Why or why not? 2) Once you had chosen a topic, how did you prepare to draft? 3) How did you draft this paper? Did you write it all at once, or in pieces? Did you write it  just before the due date, or did you write it over the preceding week? Under what  circumstances did you draft (in your room, in the library, at night, in the morning, etc.)?
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Unformatted text preview: 4) What might you do differently for prewriting and drafting in the rhetorical analysis unit to improve your next paper? 5) Who was in your peer review group, and did they give you feedback on time? Were peer reviews helpful? Why or why not? 6) How can you improve as a peer reviewer? 7) What did you do to revise? What did you learn about yourself as a writer through the process of revision? 8) Set one goal for yourself for the writing process in the rhetorical analysis unit....
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OpEd_Writing_Reflection - 4) What might you do differently...

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