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Huston Farnsworth Business Competition I was able to attend the later session on Thursday March 31 and see who won the competition. In addition to just the winners of the competition I thought it was great also that the basketball team was recognized and also the Japan. The thing that I found empowering about the basketball team is the shear motivation that all athletes have to be able to make it to the championship game in the Finals. I found as the team was being presented with their awards I wanted to accomplish something. After that they had a moment of silence in their program for the people of Japan they went on to the competition. The first award was given to the non profit organization to a group that did I think some kind day care or
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Unformatted text preview: something for disabled children. The next was the international, and then came the main event for the profit business. Matty Raynor was the winner of that one with his colleagues and it was a very simple but good plan. The thing that I liked the most about that was that he had a talent that he had been doing forever and then just went with it. Simple, elegant and powerful. After that there were some other awards given and then we were able to listen to President Wilright. It was a great competition and then to top it all off we all got ice cream because the basketball team scored over a hundred points....
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