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RS paper outline

RS paper outline - Kilie Rainey Outline Research Paper...

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Kilie Rainey 4/4/2011 Outline: Research Paper Outline Title: A Student’s Worst Nightmare: The Plague of the Kissing Disease; Mononucleosis Introduction/Thesis: Mononucleosis, also known as the kissing disease, is a viral infection that if serious enough of a case, could highly effect a students performance in school, sports, and family/social life due to it’s symptoms like: chronic fatigue, fever, sore throat, red rash, sore muscles, and loss of appetite, swollen spleen, and also considering that if this disease is obtained in ones body, the immune system is severely compromised, therefore precautions should be taken. I. Background of the Epsin/Barr Virus A. Technical information on the disease, why do they call it the kissing disease? 1. The disease is passed by sharing saliva therefore the title "kissing disease" 2. It is linked to the EBV virus in the herpes family 3. virus can also be exposed from cough or sneeze or sharing a glass B. Causes/ Symptoms of the Kissing Disease/ Prevelance
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