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analytical essay 1 - Kilie Rainey 1/19/2011 English 201 His...

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Kilie Rainey 1/19/2011 English 201 His Plan Doesn’t Always Match Ours Isn’t it funny how we think we know exactly what we want in our lives, but then it never happens that way? It is because our Heavenly Father sometimes has another plan in mind for his children. For me, this principle entails a lot of meaning and understanding of my educational experiences. An educational experience is not always having the title of “school,” in this case, a learning opportunity evolves for me through many trials of figuring out what to do with my life, and always leading me back to school. In my life I have been blessed with many educational opportunities that I have not always taken full advantage of, yet looking back, they all seem to bring about learning experiences and knowledge I will need to prepare me for the idea of what we call the future. Growing up, my parents have always told me how important an education was, and made sure they instilled that in my brain. Believe me, it was instilled. I was blessed with a full ride scholarship to any college in the state of Arizona, however what I wanted to do what explore my other options like traveling, or moving out of the state for college. After many arguments with my parents, and praying about it, I finally settled for a school
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analytical essay 1 - Kilie Rainey 1/19/2011 English 201 His...

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