Experiment7 - Experiment #7: Thin Layer Chromatography...

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Experiment #7: Thin Layer Chromatography Purpose: To determine TLC behavior and R f values for the components of some over-the-counter analgesics in four different solvent systems and use this data to identify an unknown painkiller. Results : In groups of 4, each student spotted solutions of aspirin, acetaminophen, caffeine, and ibuprofen on a TLC plate that accommodates 4 lanes in different solvents. 10 mL of the assigned solvent was put into a 150 mL beaker that is fitted with filter paper and covered with aluminum foil. The results were the following: Name Solvent R f of asprin R f of caffeine R f of acetaminophen R f of ibuprofen Jill 60:40 hexane: ethyl acetate .288 .019 .044 .5 Alvin 100% ethyl acetate .606 .060 .288 .673 Jessica 92:8 ethyl acetate: acetic acid .64 .067 .35 .76 Nikki 10:10:1 toluene: ethyl acetate: acetic acid .64 .26 N/A .14 Member Name Compounds Solvent R f of aspirin R f of unknown R f of acetaminophe n 1 Jill Aspirin, unknown, acetaminophe n 1 .56 .58 .39 2 Jessica Aspirin, unknown, acetaminophe n 2 .614 .591 .432 3 Alvin Caffeine, unknown, ibuprofen 1 .059 .608
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Experiment7 - Experiment #7: Thin Layer Chromatography...

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