Case 3 TM583 - Case 3 Personal Navigation Devices- PNDs 1....

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Case 3– Personal Navigation Devices- PNDs 1. Why have Personal Navigation Devices become popular? What technologies are required to facilitate the success of PND? Personal Navigation Devices make traveling safer and easier. PND devices can be found almost anywhere, from farm equipment to laptops. One of the most popular global positioning products is used in the car. There are several PND devices have become popular because of convenience and ease of use. All PND devices use numerous satellites to stay in orbit about the earth in fact there are actually twenty four satellites with surface stations that report and send placement data. (Glandon, 2010) The orbits of those satellites will move consistently once in a day with the altitude of the orbits being the location where the satellites will move around in the same positions every 24 hrs. Additionally, six orbital planes are used with forty five degree inclines for accuracy and reliability. (Glandon, 2010) With the technical advances, the systems’ basic functionalities and capabilities as stand-alone navigation systems can be said to have reached a substantially high level. And having acquired car entertainment functionalities as well, automotive navigation systems have now begun seeking a new direction to evolve in. One of the directions that have come into view is a shift toward PNDs (personal navigation devices) that are simple, inexpensive, and can be taken out of the car. PNDs are generally defined as "low-cost, simple portable automotive navigation
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Case 3 TM583 - Case 3 Personal Navigation Devices- PNDs 1....

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