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chem lab questions - reaction to grow brighter and longer,...

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Post Lab 1. Someone may have knocked the crucible over or someone could have washed it down with cold. 2. The black matter at the bottom of the crucible will not affect the experiment because the black matter that cannot be scraped off will be a part of the crucible. Therefore, it will not affect the experiment. 3. It would be extremely bright, the magnesium would react faster with the oxygen, and magnesium may be lost in vapor. 4. The low flame does not burn the whole magnesium all the way; therefore, the mass would be much smaller. 5. My ratio of magnesium to oxygen was 1:2. % error = 1 - 0.5/ 1 x 100 = 50% error 6. Using more magnesium would make the reaction last longer and it can cause the light
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Unformatted text preview: reaction to grow brighter and longer, which would be dangerous to the eyes. 7. Stirring the contents after the initial reaction will get the rest of the magnesium that hasnt reacted to react. Mr. Myers does this part so that we wouldnt spill the magnesium. 8. Hydrogen comes from the air and nitrogen comes from the water. 9. The empirical formula of H2O2 is HO. 10. First, you need to find the mole of the sulfur; 1.28/32 = 0.04 moles of oxygen. Then find the grams of oxygen in compound to then use it to convert to moles of oxygen; 3.2 1.28 =1.92 grams of oxygen in compound. 1.92/15.9 = 0.12 moles of oxygen . Therefore, the empirical formula of the compound is SO3....
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chem lab questions - reaction to grow brighter and longer,...

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