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Ted Assavarat Chemistry/2 nd Period Post-Lab Questions 1. The purpose of the lab is to calculate how much baking soda is needed to make the rocket go high. Just dumping it in takes the purpose away of the lab. 2. We wanted to change the variables such as amount of baking soda and vinegar, and the rocket lid for up or down so it isn’t just one step. 3. There is not much pressure when the lid is up because the lid is lighter than if you put the lid down because the mass is heavier the other way. 4. When we cut down the amount of vinegar, the rocket did not launch at all. This is most likely due to not enough reactants or too much vinegar. 5. When we used less baking soda in part D, the rocket height was less than when we used more baking soda. The baking soda makes the reaction stronger and therefore the rocket goes higher as there is adequate reactants. 6. I think that with the added water, the rocket would go higher than only with baking soda and vinegar. This is because water is made up of hydrogen and it is
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Unformatted text preview: more intense. 7. If you shake the rocket too long, it would just probably start reacting faster or not react at all depending on the formula. 8. If you don’t shake the rocket long enough, then it just wouldn’t launch. 9. I used lid down more often because the more I tried with lid up, the more I found out that lid down went higher. This is probably because the baking soda goes up side down then reacts more as it is spreading in the vinegar causing the rocket to go higher. I used various amounts of baking soda ranging from 4.3g to 4.7g. I found out that the ideal amount of baking soda is 4.6g because the rocket went higher than way. I used mostly 5mL of vinegar as it was the ideal amount to react with the baking soda. Our strategy was successful and our highest rocket reached the height of about 10 meters. We wish we could have won the contest, we really wanted those hot dogs at Target for Amos’s 18 th birthday!...
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