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Post Lab Questions 1) The color was a seaweed green color. The solid’s chemical composition is CuCl 2) Before: Homogenous During: Heterogeneous After: Heterogeneous 3) There would be less reaction if five times of water was added. 4) The reaction works better when the aluminum foil is more spread out. 5) The color changed and there was a smell from the mixture.
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Unformatted text preview: 6) The reaction wouldnt be as noticeable because there is not enough water. 7) Because energy is released and it causes heat. 8) It is a hazardous mixture and it can pollute so it is not a good idea. 9) It spreads out CuCl . The temperature would cool down faster because of stirring. 10) The heat of 55C is enough to cause steam....
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