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Hernan Cortes - Hernan Cortes By Ted Assavarat Hernn...

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Hernan Cortes By Ted Assavarat Hernán Cortés (1485 - December 2, 1547) was an explorer and conqueror from Spain. Between 1519 and 1521, he conquered the Aztec empire of emperor Montezuma where Mexico is today.
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Cortes was born Medellín, Extremadura province, in the Kingdom of Castile in Spain. He went to Salamanca University, but dropped out at the age of 17. After two years, Cortes failed and finished schooling, returning home. This, however, was later helpful, as he knew how the law of Mexico worked. Hernan's journeys started in 1502 when he had heard stories about the New World. He then went on a journey led by Nicolas de Ovando and Diego Velazquez to the West Indies. He turned out to be a good soldier under the orders of Velazquez. He went to the New World in 1506. He took part in the Spanish conquest of Hispaniola and Cuba in 1511 where the Arawak people lived. In 1513 the town, Bayamo was made and in 1514 the towns Trinidad, Santo Espiritu, Puerto Principe and Santiago de Cuba were also made. In
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