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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO Political Science 12 Fall Quarter 2009 International Relations Philip G. Roeder M ID -T ERM E XAMINATION E SSAY Write a concise essay supporting or disputing the following proposition: “Inter-state relations are likely to be more peaceful in the 21 st century because the forces that made states aggressive in the 20 th century are now largely irrelevant. Specifically, the lessons from the origins of the two world wars and the Cold War point to the prime importance of one factor that made some states aggressive, but that is no longer important as a cause of war among great powers.” A caveat Your essay will not be graded on whether you take the “correct” stand, but on your skill in developing an argument to support your stance and in using the materials covered in the course to support this argument. Instructions 1. You should write an essay of no more than five typewritten (double-spaced) pages . 2. Your essay should show good expository style : A thesis statement opens the essay (normally in the very first paragraph) with an answer to the essay question. Subsequent paragraphs develop this proposition with explanations for the causal connection you claim. Evidence supports major assertions in the logical development of your thesis. 3. Your answer to this question should draw upon theoretical and factual materials found in the lectures and the readings . Your essay should demonstrate that you have actively engaged in critical analysis of some major arguments in this course and you know how to use them to analyze the “real” world. 4. You may discuss your answer with other students, your TA, or me.
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