Foragers vs. Neolithic FarmersPastoralists

Foragers vs. Neolithic FarmersPastoralists - source. This...

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Humans have lived different lifestyles since history was recorded. There have been foragers, Neolithic farmers, and pastoralists. Each of these lifestyles has their benefits and disadvantages. I would prefer to live as a forager because to me, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Foragers relied mostly on hunting and gathering while Neolithic farmers and pastoralists domesticated animals and harvested plants and vegetables. Neolithic farmers and pastoralists stick to certain food sources such as certain animals or plants. How would you like to eat goat or corn everyday? Eating the same thing everyday often results in malnutrition. Domesticating animals and harvesting food also requires more work. Unlike the Neolithic farmers and pastoralists, foragers have variety in the food they consume. It can be deer one day and cow the next day. This benefits their health greatly in addition to less work for foragers. One disadvantage to this is less carrying capacity, as there is no stable food
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Unformatted text preview: source. This isn’t necessarily bad as the world is overpopulating! In a Neolithic society, people are divided into classes. This system is a burden because it created conflict over land and possessions. This can be proven by burial differences. There was inequality and clashes between the classes. Foragers were in a egalitarian society where in theory, everyone was equal. This is an advantage over the Neolithic lifestyles as it doesn’t create conflicts and clashes in the society. If there was one bad apple in a foraging society, he/she would be removed thus solving the problem. Foraging has been the longest way of living in human history. There are many reasons for this. It is an equal system where everyone contributes in order to survive resulting in less conflict and violence. There is less work to be done and more choices in food sources and environments to live in. Why choose to live a Neolithic life of stone when you could be a hunter-gatherer?...
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Foragers vs. Neolithic FarmersPastoralists - source. This...

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