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Surrounded by dry trench: Banpo (China) and Avebury (England) Animals living in same dwellings with humans, perhaps for warmth: Biskupin Probably the home of a single family: Craggaunowen (Ireland) Built on an artificial foundation in a shallow lake or swamp: Biskupin & Craggaunowen Entry through roofs rather than doors, presumably for defensive reasons: Turkey Site includes a "souterrain" used for storage or possibly refuge or escape: Craggaunowen Described as a 'Pfahldorf": Biskupin and Craggaunowen (Ireland) Site is associated with the early part of the Neolithic in its region, known as the "Megalithic" because of the huge stones manipulated: Avebury Extensive accumulations of obsidian suggesting the site is a processing center or trade center: Çatal Hüyük Combination of smaller round structures and larger square ones: Banpo Extensive use of plaster: Çatal Hüyük (Turkey)
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Unformatted text preview: High concern with defense: Biskupin, Craggaunowen, and Çatal Hüyük (Turkey) Heavily timbered defensive walls: Biskupin and Craggaunowen High population density: Biskupin and Çatal Hüyük Many "shrine-like" interior decorations: Çatal Hüyük Very much greater size than surrounding settlements: Çatal Hüyük Painted representations of people without heads and of predatory birds: Çatal Hüyük Pottery forms foreshadowing future metal art of the same region: Banpo Surrounded by trench to keep out animals: Banpo Surrounded by defensive wooden palisade: Biskupin and Craggaunowen Imported metal objects: Biskupin and Craggaunowen Venus-type figures found at site and at nearby sites: Çatal Hüyük Heavily decorated luxury pottery: Banpo Extensive burials within the settlement area: Çatal Hüyük...
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