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Log-in: mmw Password: mmw Bipedal hominid forms Australopithecus’s teeth look like us. It has a huge dimorphism. Bipedal is walking on two feet. Our legs are capable of locking and our knee locks so we can stand for a long time. If our knee doesn’t lock, it’s hard to stand. Human birth has to be attended so there is disadvantage to bipedalism. Eurasia – Homo erectus Africa – Homo Erecter You need to adapt so homo erectus evolved. Ash is evidence of fire, fire makes meat soft, meat is more nutritious. Two ways of Knapping* Stone *Percussion Flaking with Hammer Stone -Direct: Whack it. -Indirect: Whack something resting on it. *Pressure Flaking -Press it till a fake pops off. To knap: to hit with a short, sharp, shock, especially when making stone tools. Pressure Flaking (Slow Application of Force Two Kinds of Tools – Core Tools (Use the big piece.)
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Unformatted text preview: Flake Tools (Use little pieces) Four Tools That Matter 1. Choppers (starting from Homo habilis) 2. Hand Axes (starting from Homo erectus) 3. Scrapers (common for Neanderthals) 4. Blades (starting from Homo sapiens) Flint will be trade objects because of their usefulness Neanderthal because they were found in the Neandertal Valley of Germany In Europe it’s cold and Neanderthals are privileged because of their stockiness. People near equator are thinner because hotter. Neanderthal has thick skulls. Neanderthal had thick brow ridges, thick bones, large sinus structures because they breathe cold air. The later Neanderthals were even more extreme. Neanderthals were also cannibals Current studies: How compassionate were Neanderthals? All of these behaviors were not seen in Homo erectus. Neanderthals were very like us....
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