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Eleanor Roosevelt College, UCSD Professor David K. Jordan Making of the Modern World (1-C) SSB 282, tel: 1-858-822-0751 MMW-1 (Track C), Fall, 2009 page 1 Syllabus of Readings Track C (this track) of MMW requires use of the class web site, located at: Occasional pages will ask you for a log-in (“ _____ ”) and a password (also “ _____ ”). The web site will be updated every day or two and grow substantially larger as the quarter progresses, so I do not recommend trying to print it out. This paper syllabus lists only the required readings and the dates by which they should be read. Additions or deletions will be clearly marked on the on-line version, which also contains links to the on-line version of the Sourcebook, optional material, lecture notes, announcements, study aids, and information about registration, schedules, Segment I In this portion of the course we examine the development of the capacities, limitations, and inclinations that are “hard wired” by our biology. Theoretical topics include intellectual models and classification, evolution, adaptation, and the art of making a best guess. Since nearly all pre-modern human societies have lived by foraging, we examine archaeological evidence of earliest Homo sapiens foragers, then turn our attention to the ethnographic analysis of two groups of XXth century foragers, the BaMbuti of the Congo, and the Eskimo of Quebec (the latter represented only by a film). Week 0: Friday, September 25, 2009 Week I: Monday, September 28, 2009 Sourcebook: Look over Table of Contents, Overview of MMW, and Introduction [2 pp] Zimmer ch 1 pp 8-23 [15 pp] The Clues (Genes and Fossils) Sourcebook §1-C: Theory: Models [4 pp] Sourcebook §2-A: Materials in Support of Intimate Guide (reference) (Use the study guide (§2-A-1) and glossary (§2-A-2) for each chapter in Zimmer as you read it.) Atlas pp 26-28 (Africa) (reference) Week I: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Sourcebook §2-A-3,4,5: Review materials in Support of Intimate Guide
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mmw09-Syllabus-Jordan - Eleanor Roosevelt College, UCSD...

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