The Forest People

The Forest People - Geographical Info: The BaMbuti live in...

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Geographical Info: The BaMbuti live in the northeast corner of the Belgian Congo, particularly in the Ituri Forest as seen in “The Forest People” by Colin M. Turnbull. It is a tropical rainforest. Lots of rivers and lakes. There is a lot of rain that would soak the ground that they slept on. Because of this, they lived in temporary housing such as huts. Living Situation: Without destroying the forest, they were able to build plantations. Forest is sacred to them. They lived in mud huts in two lines facing each other. They were 7 feet long and 5 feet deep. Their houses were temporary as they moved from camp to camp, as they were foragers. Religion/Spiritual Aspects: The BaMbuti believe the forest to be sacred, like a diety to them. They practice a ritual, molimo, which is like a song to “wake” the forest. When they moved to a new camp and got game before they even set up their space, they believe the forest is good to them. Males around the age of nine to twelve were also circumcised, set apart and kept in an initiation camp where they are taught the secrets of tribal lore, emerging two or three months later as an initiated adult. BaMbuti would like to forget deaths quickly as Negro villages would remember. Death can be natural to BaMbuti as was the opposite for the Negro villagers. Law and Order:
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The Forest People - Geographical Info: The BaMbuti live in...

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