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Study Guide for India duBois In this section we focused on the history of early India and on the systems of Vedism (Brahmanism), Buddhism and early Hinduism. We studied the historical circumstances in which these schools of thought developed, their relation to each other, and to their social and political context. Short Identifications: Indus valley civilization; Agni; Aryans; Indo-European; Varna; Karma; Vishnu; Krishna; Shiva; Rig Veda; avatar; bhakti; Ashoka; Atman; ahimsa; Mahabharata ; Soma. Essay Topics: 1. How would you describe ancient Indian conceptions of order? What is the relation between the social and the cosmic? 2. Describe the Buddha's diagnosis of human suffering and his cure for it. 3. What is Arjuna's problem in the Bhagavad Gita and how does Krishna respond to it? 4. Describe the relations between Vedism, Buddhism and Hinduism. How did they react to each other? 5. Describe the empire of Ashoka. What philosophical and religious ideas did he bring to the task of governing 6, Tell the story of the Buddha's life. What are the most important moments and how is the Buddha's life exemplary? MMW2
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India Study Guide - MMW 2 duBois Study Guide for India In...

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