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India’s Sacred Animals In India, cows are considered a sacred animal by followers of Hinduism. Since the majority of the populations are believers of Hinduism, they do not kill and eat cows like the rest of the world does. As a result, there is an excessive population of cows that do not necessarily have good lives either. Marvin Harris analyzes the effects of this practice on the Indian economy and presents facts and his opinions of how this actually is not beneficial to India. Although the meat of the cattle is not consumed, the milk from the cattle is consumed. The hide, horns, and hoofs of the cattle are utilized. These cows can be used to feed the population, improve sanitary conditions, but there is not only a religious belief in effect, but also a taboo and laws against the consumption of the cow. Marvin Harris says that the untouchables
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Unformatted text preview: and other religious groups such as Christians and Muslims would eat the cows if there were not a taboo in effect. He says it would be beneficial for India to change its methods. I agree with Marvin Harris that consuming cattle in India would be beneficial to the populations health and improve sanitation in India. Ahimsa is non-violence towards all beings yet other beings are still consumed. Even though India could change its ways in the future, I do not think that India will be eating its sacred animal anytime soon. Hinduism is one of the oldest established religions of recorded history. You cannot change a culture or belief that has been practiced for thousands of years overnight by presenting some data. In my opinion, I do not think that India will alter its belief in ahimsa in the future. 1...
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