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Writing Assignment 2 - 1 Sexuality in Greek Civilization...

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Sexuality in Greek Civilization Lysistrata was performed in Athens in 411 B.C.E. With regard to Lysistrata , this essay will be focusing on how sexuality affected Greek culture and how the representation of the characters in this play portrayed women and contributed to homosexuality being a norm in this society. In this play that was written by Aristophanes, women are portrayed as susceptible and gullible in contrast to men who were the leaders of the populace. Men did not want to waste their time on women who wielded no political power so they would love and raise a boy into political culture. In the play itself, several cultural themes of this great society can be analyzed such as why ancient Greek men had sex with other men but also wanted sex from their women who could not play a part in their great political structure. In the time of Aristophanes, Greece was at war. This time, Athens and Sparta were not allies defending Greece against the mighty Persian Empire. On the contrary, these two great city-states were at war with each other. A Greek historian, Thucydides, greatly influenced this conflict, which was known as the Peloponnesian War. Thucydides propaganda concluded that Athens and her allies were a democratic society that wanted to extend their democratic system on others. Sparta and her allies did not like Athens’s domination over Greek society so began the Peloponnesian War. The play, Lysistrata , begins with Athenian women, Lysistrata and Calonice conversing about their life in contrast to men’s’ lives. Calonice, who is an Athenian wife, complains “It’s not so easy getting out this early. We’ve got to do out husbands little favors, we’ve got to get the servants out of bed, we’ve got to wash and feed and burp the kids. (Aristophanes 766-67) Calonice is dissatisfied of her duties while Myrrhine, another Athenian wife and Lampito, a Spartan woman arrives. The women complain about their husbands being at war continuously 1 1
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while Lysistrata tells the women that they must swear off sex with their husbands.
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Writing Assignment 2 - 1 Sexuality in Greek Civilization...

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